Everyone smiles as soon as they put it in their mouth.

Kichijoji Bar Ohana’s specialty menu

Melted Salted Liver & Gizzard 800

Ohana’s No.1 popular dish. You won’t find this texture at other restaurants. Even those who don’t like liver should try it. Try it to prevent anemia!

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Today’s boiled dish

Ponzu 550
Tofu paste with vegetables 550
Tofu paste with sesame paste 550
Tofu paste with vinegared miso 550
Ohana Salad 850

Deep-fried Satsuma-age 1,000(4 pieces)

Deep-fried to order! Please choose 2 ingredients of your choice (lotus root, ginger, garlic, onion, carrot, green onion and cheese). Be careful not to burn yourself!

Stir-fried vegetables 1,250
Stir-fried chicken with vegetables 1,550

This fun vegetable stir fry contains more than 10 different seasonal vegetables and changes each time. We enjoy making this stir-fried vegetable dish, which is full of seasonal vegetables!

Sake-Thai Potato Fries 850

Sake-tobori (salted bonito giblets) and butter go great with fries!

Cucumber and pork miso 600

Plenty of ginger. Beat the pork and serve with chives and sweet barley miso, Kagoshima’s evergreen miso.

Tonkotsu (pork bone stew) 1,250

Spare ribs are simmered in barley miso, brown sugar, and potato shochu for 5 hours until tender. A typical Kagoshima local dish. Please suck it down to the bone!

Spaghetti Popularity Ranking

1. Carbonara with Shutou 1,200
2. Spaghetti with Shutou 950
3. Spaghetti neapolitan 1,200
4. Spaghetti with pickled plum and baby sardines 950
5. Spaghetti with Takana (leaf mustard) 950

Carbonara with Shutou 1,200

A perfect dish! Exquisite harmony of liquorice and fresh cream. It always wins first place in the spaghetti popularity ranking. The picture is Carbonara with Shutou with Aosa (+200 yen).

Yakko (Tohu) 650

Egg and Vegetables 850
Somen 800

Spaghetti with pickled plum and baby sardines 950

Made with Nanko plums grown by Midori, the owner Miki’s mother.

Egg and Vegetables 850

Yakko (Tohu) 650
Somen 800

Neapolitan with plenty of vegetables 1,200

Plenty of vegetables and bright red temptation. It is the world’s first spaghetti that can be served as a snack.

Tonkotsu Donburi 1,500

Tonkotsu (pork bone) loved by Saigodon. Spare ribs on the bone are stewed in a pot of hot sauce. The sauce from when the restaurant first opened is carefully simmered with my mother’s homemade miso, brown sugar, and imo-jochu (potato shochu).

Ohana Now

We update this page on Instagram as needed.

Available for private parties (Tuesday-Friday)

Please feel free to contact us for a private party (from 12 people) (please make reservations as early as possible).

Ohana Special” is a great deal for a group of 4. 5,000 yen for 2 hours with free drinks (7 dishes included)

Please feel free to consult with us about the number of people, time, price, food, and anything else you may need.

Catering for in-home drinking and hors d’oeuvres are also welcome. Please let us know your budget, number of people, age range, gender ratio, etc. We are sure you will be satisfied♪

We are having an event!

Events will be posted on our Instagram, X(Twitter), TikTok, Facebook Page as they happen. Please follow us!

For reservations and inquiries, LINE will help you a lot!!

Take home a taste of Kagoshima

Take-out only is also welcome.
Please feel free to come up the stairs.

You can take home the entire menu when you are done.

We would be super happy if you could call us in advance.

Phone&Fax: (0422)22-9155

It would be so helpful to be on LINE!


Shutou & Hirameki

The two are always together, “Shutou”, a salted bonito delicacy from Makurazaki Port, and “Hirameki”, carefully grown with small mandarin oranges and Taka-no-Tsume from Satsuma Town.

The Shutou comes with a recipe. It is very popular when visiting a friend’s house and is more appreciated than a souvenir of cake.

Shutou 750 yen
Hirameki 450 yen
Sweet soy sauce 650 yen
Mother’s inherited dashi soy sauce 1000 yen
Karashukyo tsuyu 650 yen

Souvenirs only are welcome. Please feel free to come up the stairs.

1 minute walk from Kichijoji Station

Upstairs of Niku Sushi
It’s a narrow staircase across from the Dandadan Tavern!

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Staff T is training for Ohana’s popular “Shutou Carbonara” menu!

Fun food and energy!

Bar Ohana was started by my sister and I, who were born and raised in Kagoshima.

Our mother, who is a very good cook, still lives in Kagoshima. In the fall of 2004, I started living in Tokyo for 13 years, and my sister moved to Hawaii 6 years ago…

The name “Ohana,” which means “family” in Hawaiian, was given to the restaurant that was born on the occasion of the “Peach Festival” in 2005. So, on the Momo no Sekku (Peach Festival) in 2005, he named the restaurant “Ohana,” which means “family” in Hawaiian.

Now, here in this place I live and love, Musashino, Tokyo, I have prepared delicious food and fun drinks with the flavors of my mother, whom I love, and with free ideas that only Hawaii and Kagoshima can offer.

When you want to have some fun and relax, this is a izakaya where everyone can become ohana and feel at home. We hope you will feel free to stop by for a bowl of boiled rice or miso soup by yourself.

Bar Ohana
Miki & Romi

For reservations and inquiries, LINE will help you a lot!

You can order from BASE!

Ohana original goods on sale!

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